More Screenshots is proud to present the first ever Hello Kitty PC game featuring a full-animated 3D Hello Kitty playing soccer in a virtual soccer field with humans. Play Hello Kitty as a referee or a player, and see her friends My Melody, Mina No Tabo, Pochacco and Badtz-Maru XO all in the cheerleader team!

If you're a member and purchase either version of the Hello Kitty Football Cup 2002 online through this website, your account will be automatically upgraded to 50MB free storage for one year.

This box version game set contains a PC game CD-ROM and an informative user manual, enclosed in a fancy game box.

This online special includes: Hello Kitty Football boot bag along with a real soccer jersey, CD game, manual, and warranty card.
If you are looking for a fun, interactive, Hello Kitty PC game at an unbeatable price, this box version is your best choice.

MEMBER PRICE: HKD$150 (US$19.49)

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MEMBER PRICE: HKD$420 (US$53.99)

Whether you are a fervent Hello Kitty fans, or you are an enthusiastic World Cup fans, you will love this game. It can be a collectable item, a gift to your family or friends, or just a game to entertain you after a long day of work or school. ORDER NOW BEFORE IT'S SOLD OUT!!! Make your friends envy your unique game and gift.

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Latest Generation 3D Engine.
Very elaborated Artificial Intelligence.
Easy to handle
Multiple controls: keyboard, joystick & gamepad.
Different weather effects.
High graphic and 3D animations quality
High quality Stadiums and details.
Tactical options of football.
Multiplayer: LAN for 2 players

System requirements:

WindowsR 95/98/2000/XP
Pentium II 233 MHz
3D-graphic card with 8Mb
200 MB hard drive
DirectX v8.1 compatible graphic and sound card
LAN (only for multiplayer mode)

Pentium II 400 MHz
3D-graphic card with 16Mb
128 MB RAM

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